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Government grants approval for subsidy rates

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With the approval of significant social benefits and a ground-breaking increase in purchasing power, the administration has achieved a significant milestone. These choices, in the opinion of Minister of Social Affairs and Housing (Sozavo) Uriqit Ramsaran, have a real impact on the entire populace.

The government has given authority for social institutions to boost their subsidy rates. The new subsidy rate will rise from SRD 27 to SRD 70 per client/resident per day for care linked to children and residents. Additionally, the amount of reimbursement for expenses associated with exploitation will rise from SRD 37 to SRD 85 per staff member each day. These hikes will go into effect on January 1, 2023, and they’ll result in a major improvement in the services provided to society’s most vulnerable groups.

There is also approval for the introduction of purchasing power enhancement for senior citizens. From August 1, 2023, all senior citizens who currently do not receive the SRD 1800 purchasing power enhancement will be entitled to this financial support. With this measure, the government wants to ease the burden on the most vulnerable groups and help them lead a dignified and carefree life.

Minister Ramsaran emphasizes that the Social Programme, which will be implemented from 31 January 2023, will form the basis for this purchasing power increase. The program will provide between 40,000-60,000 households with a purchasing power increase of SRD 1800 per month and will subsidize seven essential goods and services, including fuel, electricity, water, gas, basic food, transport and medicines. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Housing will ensure that there is fair and equal access to purchasing power enhancement for all citizens who are entitled to it.





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