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Government covertly increase its take on gasoline

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President Chandrikapersad Santokhi, die van 19 tot en met 22 september de 78ste Algemene Vergadering van de Verenigde Naties (AVVN) heeft bijgewoond, kijkt tevreden terug op een vruchtbaar werkbezoek....

The government has made the decision to increase its take for fuel, much like a robber in the night. The public has long complained about the high cost of petrol, but there hasn’t been any communication about this. The amount of fuel purchased by the government has increased. The new government take for unleaded has gone up from SRD 3 per liter to SRD 3.50, an increase of 50 cents. In contrast, super unleaded has increased from SRD 3.60 to SRD 4 per litre, and the same is true for diesel.

The rise in writing has been informed to the oil corporations by the Ministry of Finance & Planning. Because the price of oil was significantly greater than the additional tax that society pays on fuel, the government, and particularly President Chan Santokhi, previously claimed that the government does not profit from the governmenttake.

Long-term government response was unfavorable, but things have altered since the global drop in oil prices. The media is informed that beginning at the end of March and beginning in April, unleaded gasoline will once more benefit the State.

Even if the price of petrol has decreased on the global market, the government is currently adding an additional 50 cents to the price, making it incredibly expensive. This increase has not been communicated to society, while on May 25, the president promised that there will be better communication in the last part of his term of office.

For a liter of unleaded petrol, between SRD 39 and SRD 41 per liter is charged and for diesel SRD 36.61 and SRD 38.47, depending on which oil company the consumer goes.






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