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Geerlings: Members expelled because they are inflammatory

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Recently 5 members of the union at EBS were expelled. They have previously filed a lawsuit to force new board elections. Bond chairman Steven Geerlings emphasized to the news press that the 5 people who have been expelled was because they have been seditious inside and outside the company and not because of a lawsuit. He indicated that, according to decisions at the general members’ meetings, there will be new board elections in 2024.

The expelled members have indicated that there have been no board elections since 2015 and that the current board is unlawful, because a term of office lasts 3 years. However Geerlings indicates that there is more going on. And that the board was and is working on various projects for the members. Which they want to accomplish under this administration. Agreements have been made between the association and the members for this.

Geerlings said that they were elected by acclamation during 2015. In 2019 they would hold elections, but in the general meeting of members it was decided to extend the term of office by 5 years. There was 100 percent agreement. It was also decided to hold the new elections in 2024 and that members who were interested in taking a seat on the board would join the current board.

Geerlings indicated that the annual reports are also in order. Due to theft in the federation building, there has been a backlog but the treasurer is in close contact with the accountant. The annual reports are in order because they keep track of everything.





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