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Garbage collection in the afternoon

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In the late afternoon, garbage collection will take place once more. Before the Council of Ministers meeting on Wednesday began, Public Works Minister Riad Nurmohamed (OW) made this announcement.

The altered working hours had received numerous complaints from society. In order to make things a little bit simpler for the public, Minister Nurmohamed has chosen to alter this working technique. The minister also said that society must notify the Ministry of OW right once if any anomalies occur.

From the next year, the access to dirt roads will also be improved. Nurmohamed claims that special material will be utilized to improve the passability of the dirt roads. Numerous dirt roads now exist in a terrible state as a result of the recent prolonged rainfall. The ministry keeps the work that is now being done up to date, according to the OW top man. It requests that society have compassion for the labor being done. In exchange, society will soon have excellent roads.

It will take another six months or so to complete the work that is currently being done on the right side of the Tout Lui Fautweg. The job is done in accordance with the required monthly payback that the Ministry of OW must make.

Addressing the police headquarters is also necessary. The minister claims that there is no funding for that building to begin with. Regarding the operations of the police headquarters, various possibilities will be taken into consideration.






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