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Gajadien: VHP Chief Board Members arranges all concessions for Chinese

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According to businessman and ABOP member Jairadj “Pets” Gajadien, Chinese concessionaires are to blame for the cyanide contamination of the water near the reservoir in Suriname because they employ the toxic substance in their gold mining operations. The field advisor for Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk claimed that this group of concessionaires is supported and safeguarded by the political establishment in an interview.

“Concessions have been made by the Chinese. The primary board member of the VHP is a lawyer, and he organizes all of those concessions for the Chinese. Even a branch of their business is located on Gompertstraat,” Gajadien stressed to the reporters. The owner of Pets Promotion and employee of ABOP find it too amazing that, despite several statements, no suspects have been apprehended thus far.

Gajadien asserts that when political party members are prosecuted, class justice is used. For instance, the Judicial Intervention Team (JIT) purports to prosecute suspected VHPs on the president’s behalf only to later lie about it.

However, the Public Prosecution Service treats these individuals brutally when it comes to NDP or ABOP representatives. You may rest assured that nobody will be detained as long as you hear about the JIT team. The president is obstinate, the businessman declared.





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