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Gail Eijk leaves STVS as of October 1st; goes back to the field

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On Saturday Gail Eijk Surinamese writer, journalist and presenter announced that she will be leaving the STVS on October 1st. She said that she will be back on the field from October 1st because there is where she belongs.

She started working in 2005 for the broadcaster Apintie, where she made live reports from the first moment of current items, including accidents and collisions in Suriname. She was on call 24 hours a day.

In 2010, she also became the head of Apinitie’s news service. After a career of 13 years with Apintie Gail announced in October 2018 that she was leaving for the STVS. Four years later, she leaves the state broadcaster.

She said that her time at STVS has come to an end and as of October 1st she will move on to other challenges most likely suits her profile. She said that she really enjoyed the four years at the STVS. She got to know nice colleagues and made some close friends. And she will always be grateful for the time she spent there, but the time has come for her to move on and face new challenges that more suits her and what she likes to do. She thanked the STV and her colleagues there.

There she will again deal with current news items and it is said in the corridors that she is making the switch to D-TV Express, but that has not been confirmed by the broadcaster.





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