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Fuel problem has no current solution

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The government has not yet found a way to comply with the oil company SOL’s demand for payment of the past-due debt of more than SRD 250 million. The oil industry wants the fuel subsidy to go as well. At GOw2 stations, there were lengthy lines of individuals waiting to refuel.

The subsidies has significantly increased the government’s debt at SOL. The government offers a diesel subsidy of almost SRD 10 per liter. Additionally, gasoline has not yet caught up with the market. The government aims to transition from topic subsidy to subsidy phase-out. Electricity, water, gas, staple foods, travel, and medications are also covered by this.

The gasoline subsidy causes price losses for SOL as well. The oil company is developing. The supplier has determined that for forward, payment must be made upfront, and fuel will only be given after that. Due to the SOL’s low stock, stores can only be supplied to a very little degree. Numerous pumping stations have been shut down as a result.

The rise in fuel prices has many people in society on edge. Since the price of gas has not yet been raised, people wait in line for hours to purchase gas. Gas stations that are open are extremely busy.






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