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Fuel prices adjusted from midnight

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The Surinamese Ministry of Finance and Planning has set the new pump prices for September. In a letter to the directors of the oil companies SOL Suriname, GOW2 Energy Suriname NV and RUBIS West Indies Limited, the ministry indicates that the pump prices will be determined as follows from 9 September 2022 00:00 hours

Diesel 19.87 SRD per liter | Gasoline 24.88 SRD per liter | Super unleaded 30.41 SRD per litre.

For the calculation of the fuel prices as of September 9, the average cashless USD exchange rate over the month of August, which is set at SRD 25,275 for 1 USD, is used.

The petrol prices are calculated on the basis of the average Central Bank exchange rate and the world market price of the past month. The price shows an increase, while the world market price has started a downward trend. Despite the fall in the world market price, the diesel price is still heavily subsidized, which is projected at SRD 165 million for September.

The government has chosen not to adjust the diesel price in order to avoid spillover into production and to keep transport affordable. The price of unleaded will be increased to cover costs. To clarify, there are no taxes of any kind on fuel.






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