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From a development standpoint, NPS provides possibilities and choices

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The National Party of Suriname is concerned about the socioeconomic and financial-economic predicament that Suriname is in (NPS). Through misdirected, populist spending and policies, the laborious growth and development that had been attained up until 2010 has been destroyed. The IMF’s classification of Suriname as a D7 nation (one of the seven nations with a significant national debt) raises serious concerns.

The green party strives to give people the skills to somewhat improve their position and conditions because they recognize that the situation is not ideal. According to party chairman Gregory Rusland, this is based on the organization’s development philosophy, which takes as its premise that everyone may fully develop and grow provided they are given the correct incentives.

He quotes the famous proverb from the Chinese language, “Give a guy a fish, and he has nourishment for a day.” A man can feed himself for the rest of his life if he learns to fish.

In light of this, the NPS is starting up a new round of public lectures and discussion cycles to provide people the skills they need to live independently.

Rusland uses the upcoming discussion night on February 3 at 7 o’clock with the topic “Investing in Suriname: The Problems and Solutions” as an illustration. Roy Rijger speaks, and the panel also includes Sherida Mormon, director of the Association of Businesses (VSB), and Wilgo Bilkerdijk, chairman of the Association of Surinamese Manufacturers (ASFA).

According to the NPS chairman, distributing presents to people in need should not be a drawn-out procedure. Along with sound policies, individuals must be empowered with information to become resilient and mostly self-sufficient in order to stop Suriname from devolving into a state where citizens are always required to raise their hands or where crime rates rise.






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