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Free medical and dental services for persons in Apoera

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A civil-military operation of the National Army (NL) named ‘Gran Mati ‘ has made it possible for the residents of Apoera to enjoy the use of medical and dental services this week. Captain Welzijn emphasized that the people can go there for basic health care, get eyes tested and dental care. The medical operation officially started today in OS Apoera.

Apart from the medical specialists from the National Army and other health institutions, there are also three Surinamese dentists, a Dutch dentist and three dental assistants. Because this year it has an international character. The US military contributed medication for the purpose of this mission. They also contributed 470 school packages to school-goers in Apoera. ‘Gran Mati’ is a welcome addition to regular healthcare. As a result, information is also exchanged between specialists from the different countries.

This operation has initially a two-part character, but the technical part will be carried out at a later date. Where a school in the Coronie district will be renovated. With ‘Gran Mati’ or the great friend, the army comes closer to the people to support and tackle where necessary. This is an attempt to bring some development to the area.




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