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Fosten Kukru Festival

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Suriname is a melting pot of cultures. It is also one of the most versatile countries, which is expressed in cultural diversity, religion, the multicultural society, but especially in the Surinamese cuisine. The country is known for varied food. Many people cannot give a direct answer to the question of what a typical local dish is, because our cuisine is so diverse and colorful that we can categorize several dishes as being a national dish.

To come together and celebrate diversity, the ‘Fosten KukruFesa’ will be held on Independence Square from Friday 2 to Sunday 4 September 2022. In Suriname we must realize that culture brings us together and the Culture Directorate makes an important contribution to this.

Minister Marie Levens of Education, Science and Culture (MinOWC) expressed the hope during a press conference that this festival is the start of a series of activities that stimulate productivity, fight poverty and promote solidarity within society. The minister believes that more attention should be paid to the development of the various cultural crafts in our society, such as cooking and basket weaving, making clothes and wood carving.

With the festival, a start is made on restoring our values and norms and cultural appreciation for each other. Furthermore, Minister Levens said that it is our Surinamese cuisine that always brings us together and during religious holidays to learn to respect each other’s religion.

Roseline Daan director of the Culture Directorate said that the moment is ripe for Suriname to realize that culture is broad. There are a number of kitchens that sell food on a daily basis. It turns out they do it differently. However, what was there then must not be lost. With the ‘Fosten KukruFesa’ Suriname has its own festival that is supported by the government.

Different ethnic groups will show their cooking skills. There will be live cooking, the way it used to be. These include the indigenous, Maroons, Afro-Surinamese, Javanese, Boeroes and Hindustani. In addition to traditional food and drink, visitors can also enjoy entertainment during the festival days. The intention is for the festival to become an annual event. In the future, this activity should also attract foreigners.






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