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For the health industry, the development of radiological care is essential

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The growth of radiological care in the nation is essential for the health sector, according to the Surinamese Ministry of Health. Radiologists Ryan Ramtahalsing and Iswardath Thakoer, the director of the Paramaribo Academic Hospital, Chan Santokhi, the ministry’s top officials, and representatives of the MRI-Centrum NV met to address this.

A second MRI scanner was purchased, and it was explored how radiological care may be upgraded and decentralized in Suriname. Amar Ramadhin, the minister of health, has said that it is likely that MRI-Centrum NV will pay for this technology out of its own funds. The government has approved the project, and the AZP is a shareholder.

A national radiology project that allows for centralized image viewing was also mentioned. To do this, different hospitals must spend money on the required technology and broadband access. Minister Ramadhin remarked that the health industry is currently faced with a dilemma because there aren’t enough radiologists to match the country’s demand.

The collaboration between the Ministry of Health, the AZP, and the MRI Center to jointly develop radiological care has made President Santokhi happy. There may be potential for Suriname to grow the regional market with the second MRI machine. Access to care must be increased, and care quality must be ensured, Minister Ramadhin emphasized.

The growth of radiological care in Suriname is crucial for the medical industry. The population of Suriname can have better access to high-quality treatment by supporting rural radiology, modernization, and decentralization initiatives.






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