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For exchange rate measures, assembly is required a week

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The chairman of the assembly, Marinus Bee, believes that the parliament will adopt a unified stance on the measures to control the currency rate. The work of the State Household and Finance committees will begin today.

The decision-making process will be discussed with all parties involved over the course of a week. The announced measures will be worked out by the National Assembly and the government. When requested for a statement to the media, Bee responds that they are also checked for their viability.

The Assembly Chairman points out that the goal of the debates has been to develop a shared point of view for the National Assembly from day one. Naturally, it is not an easy task, but it appears to be working so far, and we hope we can continue in this manner to completion. In a week, the public discussion on the exchange rate is expected to restart. The second round will thereafter feature remarks from the National Assembly.




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