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Food for infants younger than a year old can still be purchased online

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You can still register online to be eligible for baby food. According to the Ministry of Health, this is a benefit for parents of infants under a year old. It has been discovered that parents who registered either did not receive baby food or were not eligible. The ministry wants to make clear that there is a process for becoming eligible for infant food.

Following registration, the procedure of conditions and verifying to see if someone is eligible for the baby food starts. Ordered baby food is brought to the appropriate RGD clinic, where administration is completed in preparation for pickup. This does not occur in a single day. Sometimes it takes between a month and two months before the infant food is accessible. The distribution is handled by the RGD clinics.

The person is automatically ineligible for the baby food if the registration is submitted when the infant is 8 or 9 months old and the baby food is only made accessible after the child is already 1 year old. For infants younger than one year old.

To minimize disappointment, the Ministry suggests registering as early as feasible. You can register at



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