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Flour and bread available in full next week

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Julio Bhikharie, director of De Molen, expects that from next week everything will be calm again on the market when it comes to the flour and bread supply. Normalization will start from Sunday.

Bhikharie said yesterday in the Bakana Tori program on LIM FM that an urgent shipment of flour is coming from Guyana to the port of Nickerie and then to Paramaribo. The flour will be distributed directly to the bakers. From Sunday, the market will normalize within a few days.

In view of the current delay and the bread shortage, it has been decided to first facilitate the bakeries with a wide distribution network. Bhikharie said that they also expect an emergency shipment from Trinidad next Saturday as part of these emergency shipments that they have collected.

He indicated that the regular load of flour will arrive around Saturday evening or Sunday morning. This was delayed by late payment to suppliers due to the scarcity of US dollars and the ensuing storm in the region.

The director said that the distribution will start the very moment the boat is at our quay. And that will take about another 24 hours.






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