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First Lady waits for funding for the second phase of the bread initiative

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Mellisa Santokhi-Seenacherry, the first lady, expressed her sadness at the GLO-Bread project’s inability to proceed right away. Phase 2 funding has not yet been allocated by the government. The March 1–12 pilot project was successfully finished on May 12.

The Suriname Communications Service states that this pilot phase went as planned. The schools have had the chance to offer feedback, and it has been favorable about the bread and drinks’ quality and delivery. Phase 2 was supposed to begin right away on Monday, May 15, but no funding commitments from the government have yet been made. The planning for this is still in full force right now. The public tender has already taken place.

In phase 1, which took eight months to get going, a total of 4488 children spread out over five districts received bread, spreads, and beverages every day. Phase 2 will include seven districts and more than 7331 students, and it is expected to last until December 2023. This phase also includes VOJ schools. “I tried my best to keep up with the project. We are currently anticipating the government’s financial contribution.” The GLO Bread project’s founder, Santokhi-Seenacherry, pleaded with the school administration and pupils for their patience. The second phase’s approval continues to have the support of the first lady and her organization.

The fact that this amazing endeavor cannot be continued right away genuinely makes me very sad. The first lady said, “I sincerely hope that it will work out nicely soon. She expresses gratitude to all administrators for their support during the pilot phase. She expresses hope that she will be able to rely on the support of all school administrators during the upcoming phase as well.





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