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First female deputy director of LVV Region West, Salarbax

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 The first female Deputy Director Agriculture Region West, is Jamila Salarbax. She took the helm from Dewdath Ramnath who was appointed to that position as an observer in November 2020. The management of the LVV branch in the Nickerie district was handed over to Salarbax by the Agriculture director, Soedeschand Jairam of Agriculture,Livestock and Fisheries.(LVV)

Jairam welcome positive thinking, working together and above all being forgiving are the ingredients for pleasant and smooth cooperation in the workplace. Especially at a time when the food shortages in the world are increasing and stricter requirements are set for food safety, but also the call from farmers for support is becoming louder, the ministry of LVV is increasingly responsible. Let’s work together to achieve success,

The LVV information Department reported that Salarbax has been employed by the ministry since October 2017 and holds a master’s degree in agronomy. The new deputy director thanked the ministry’s leadership for the trust placed in her and promised to continue to work closely with the staff and personnel of the western region. The district Coronie, which falls under Region West, also has a resort leader since yesterday. Miquel Udenhout has been in charge of the ministry in Coronie for several years and now the formalities for the appointment to the position of district leader have been completed.




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