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Fernandes Bottling Company cleaned up 56 disposal bags at Braamspunt

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In collaboration with neighborhood groups, Fernandes Bottling Company successfully organized a beach clean-up event with the goal of bringing attention to the significance of maintaining seas free of trash. The corporation sent 50 volunteers to the island of Braamspunt for a beach clean-up, along with representatives from WWF-Guianas, LBB/Nature Management, and District Commissioner Commewijne. This was done to aid in the reproduction of the sea turtles that frequent the area. The amount of plastic garbage is endangering their ability to live normally. After a short period of time spent working, the volunteers hauled 56 huge garbage bags full of trash from the beach. The corporation used this cleaning event as a chance to show its dedication to environmental responsibility, waste reduction, and support for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Coca-Cola bottler is dedicated to leading a zero-waste lifestyle, in accordance with the initiatives of governments and organizations around the globe. The Coca-Cola Company has made a commitment to collect and recycle all of the packaging it uses by the year 2030, while also producing its packaging with at least 50% recycled materials. Fernandes Bottling Company stated, “It is unacceptable for our packaging to become waste and we take responsibility to be a part of the solution.” “We build partnerships with local partners to boost the rate of our packaging being collected and work from the design of our packaging to create a circular economy.”

An international issue, marine pollution, particularly plastic pollution, has an impact not only on sea turtles but also on other marine life, birds, and eventually human health.

By 2025, damage brought on by ocean plastic pollution might total $13 billion annually, according to a report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Together with the aforementioned partners, Fernandes Bottling will think about building a permanent waste structure for the vicinity of Braamspunt in the upcoming months. “We think that by banding together, we can truly change both our local communities and the world. In order to enhance the package collection rate, we organize these volunteer events and collaborate with neighborhood organizations, according to Ayida Slooten, Public Affairs & Communication Specialist at Fernandes Bottling Company. “We are hoping that more individuals will join us in our mission to eliminate garbage from the earth.”





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