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Farmers in Nickerie speak with the LVV minister and NOFA board

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On the request of the rice farmers in Nickerie, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (LVV) Minister Parmanand Sewdien paid a working visit to the rice district on Saturday to engage in a discussion on loans from the National Development Fund for Agribusiness (NOFA). He was accompanied by the LVV management team and the NOFA board’s executive team. Together with the cooperative of chosen farmers and NOFA, the ministry launched the seed experiment in Prins Bernardpolder two weeks ago. In the supply of inputs, production, and sales, The Cooperative Seed farmers (CoZaBo) has been given a central management and execution responsibility.

“Seed is a very sensitive product. All cultural measures must be optimal. Especially during the harvest you cannot have stagnations,” claims LVV minister. For a smooth course of events, the NOFA board itself has proposed to work towards its own machine park. This is economically justified for an area of 500 hectares. There will also be a special unit for drying and purifying the seed. Especially the smaller rice farmers from various polders are very enthusiastic about this model. According to them, this way of working would be the ideal solution for small rice cultivation.

Minister Sewdien gave a presentation in two sessions for the Eastern and Western polders. The farmers have been given homework. In two weeks, the consultation will be continued during a follow-up information session by NOFA in the various resorts of Nickerie.




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