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EZ: “Entrepreneurs follow the rules and laws”

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Vijftal moet voor de rechter in zaak begraven vliegtuig

Het Openbaar Ministerie heeft  de verdachten  P.P., R.P. en A.G., die eerder waren aangehouden, en de voortvluchtige J.M. en C.J. gedagvaard om op 15 februari aanstaande voor de rechter te verschijnen...

Civil workers employed by the Economic Control Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Entrepreneurship, and Technological Innovation will conduct national audit work in 2022. (EZ). Official reports are created and delivered to the Public Prosecution Service in the case of offenses involving violations of the Economic Offenses Act (OM).

The fines were then determined by the Public Prosecution Service. More than one (1) million SRD worth of fine was collected. The officials discovered violations of the Pricing and Price Control Act, particularly the Price Indication Decree, during the inspection efforts. In addition, infringements of the Anti-Smuggling Act have been discovered. Furthermore, business owners have also broken the Companies and Professions Act. Alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, chemicals, and potency enhancers were discovered and seized.

All of the aforementioned offenses are covered by the Economic Offenses Act. The investigating officials thoroughly examine and handle any complaints that are filed. The Ministry of Economic Affairs makes an appeal to everyone to refrain from engaging in price rises and other economic offenses.





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