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Ex-president Venetian to introduce NPS discussion evening

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ECD collects more than 1 million in fines

  In the period February to September 2022, the Economic Control Service (ECD) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation (EZ) collected over SRD 1,030,...

Ex-president also honorary chairman of the National Party Suriname (NPS) will give a public lecture on 7 October in Grun Dyari. He will discuss the theme of Surviving in the current crisis situation. And will share his experience on the implementation of the Structural Adjustment Programme, which has been carried out during his reign. The exchange rate will also be discussed.

Members of the panel are minister Silvano Tjong-Ahin, economist. Ex-bank director Jimmy Bousaid and Ruth Wijdenbosch leader of the discussion.

Hesdy Pigot Chief board member of the NPS said in conversation with the news press that the party holds a monthly discussion evening on current topics. This is on the way to the elections. Last month a discussion evening was held about the electoral system. The initiator was Hugo Fernandes Mendes. According to Pigot, there is a great need for such meetings.



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