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Etnel wants to take immediate action against “fighting students”

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Several Assembly members once more expressed concern about warring kids and pressing educational issues on Thursday. Unanswered questions regarding schooling were also raised last week. Patricia Etnel (NPS), an assemblywoman, complained that she was once more given a video of students fighting while wearing their school uniforms. Things are getting worse.

To address this unwelcome behavior of the students, an interdepartmental strategy is required. After school, children should be protected for a while. The majority of clashes occur after school. It’s possible for things to spiral out of control. Etnel emphasized that this must be prevented. Before the issue spirals out of control and kids start killing each other while wearing their school uniforms, action must be taken as soon as possible. Etnel and Patrick Kensenhuis (NDP) both agreed that the government should take action because the fighting is growing worse and worse.

According to assemblyman Edward Belfort (ABOP), kids at the Caprino Alendy middle school in Latour missed a week of class because the restrooms weren’t clean. Additionally, he was curious as to why school buses continue to be grounded due to payment arrears. Since yesterday, school transportation has begun.

Roy Mohan (VHP) claimed that students at Latour Multischool enter a trance. The administration always requests that parents pick up their children. It now appears that they are prohibited from attending school for a week. He requested the education minister’s help. He feels that education shouldn’t be denied to the kids. Melvin Bouva (NDP) noted that he also brought up the new educational system, which many kids find difficult to follow, last week. He contacted the authorities once more for an answer.







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