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Etnel resigns from leading efforts to amend the Personnel Act

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With 26 votes in favor and 13 votes against, the revised Personnel Act was just approved by the National Assembly (DNA). As the starter, NPS legislator Patricia Etnel withdrew because she could not concur with this. Since the spirit of the law no longer aligns with how I, as the initiator, would like to see this law implemented, Etnel added, “I would also like to indicate that I withdraw as initiator should it turn out that the government will stand firm in implementing Article 28a in that law without taking my additions into account.”

Bronto Somohardjo, the Interior Minister (Biza), said that this administration has a positive attitude toward its state personnel. “This government has never intended to force people home, to force officials to go home.” According to Minister Somohardjo, this law is not being commissioned by the IMF. The wage bill in relation to GDP must be a certain percentage.

According to Rabin Parmessar, leader of the NDP, there is no transparency to the basic data statistics. According to him, there is not only occasional legislation, but it is gangster legislation in which the door is open to political arbitrariness. He called for not voting for the law. Abop faction leader Obed Kanape had a completely different opinion. According to him, something has to start somewhere to give people the opportunity to function and perform. He called to vote for the law, “Even though later we get a set of lawsuits against the state, but let us begin to regulate”. BEP party leader Ronny Asabina indicated that his group cannot cooperate in something that can be qualified as an outrage. “The law here has no grudge”. Finally, VHP party leader Asiskumar Gajadien indicated that it is important that a joint effort is made to bring order to the civil service.

In the end, the law passed with 26 votes in favor and 13 against.





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