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Etnel is adamant about the oversight and execution of tourism legislation

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Patricia Etnel, a member of the NPS, expresses concerns regarding how the Tourism Window Act and Suriname Tourism Authority Act are handled in terms of enforcement and oversight. She makes reference to parastatal organizations where there is monitoring but not necessarily control.

“Supervision does not yet have a controlling role,” she asserts. According to Etnel, the conversation that needs to be had should center on the method of control. The issue is whether the audit will be conducted by a state control body like the CLAD or Court of Auditors.

Since one will be dealing with a body that will collect money, she believes that this clear procedure should be mentioned in the law. The Supervisory Board is referred to in the statute. That does not guarantee that it will be able to do the check, though.

Etnel also suggests that the Tourism Framework Act include provisions for cooperation with parastatal businesses. She thinks parastatal businesses may contribute significantly to the growth of tourism.

In order to have better oversight, it is also planned to expand the operations of these businesses that are under the Ministry of Transport, Communication, and Tourism (TCT). Etnel adds that the government is limited in what it can accomplish.

She also claims that the parastatal businesses in the tourism industry that have the ability to raise funds do not get the proper assistance. These businesses can participate more actively in the tourism industry by working with the Suriname Tourism Authority.

Etnel added that understanding how to deal with indigenous and tribal peoples’ rights is essential for sustainable ecotourism. The speaker asserts that it is essential to guarantee the preservation of the cultural and historical legacy.








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