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Etnel dissatisfied with coalition decision made by Congress

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Senior NPS management b*****s Patricia Etnel, an assemblywoman, maintains her position; the NPS must exit the coalition. On Sunday, Congress made the decision to stay in the coalition. She declared, “The congressional decision is not the end for me. “because what the congress has approved does not even come close to representing the National Party Suriname. The party has existed for 78 years, and despite many difficult periods, we nevertheless go on. This woman doesn’t give up and keeps up the fight.”

Despite the intense displeasure among the members, it was already evident from the comments of party chairman Gregory Rusland and certain core chairmen that the difficult choice to leave the coalition would not be made. They were adamant about rejecting the director, supervisory board, and Swiss ambassador positions that the coalition partners had offered.

The cores requested a brief suspension of 10 minutes to discuss the choice. Two hours have been added to the ban. The cores put forth a motion at the restart that decided NPS will continue to hold a place at the coalition table for the time being.

Etnel appears dissatisfied. She told reporters, “The choice has been taken, and you respect that. “However, my viewpoint continues to be that the NPS lacks the strength to carry out its mandate if it stays a member of this alliance. It lacks the drive to advance in Suriname’s politics. We had to leave for that reason.

Etnel also declines the available roles. She emphasizes that “you shouldn’t stay in a partnership for positions.” “Because if that comes to light, we lose sight of why we are in politics. We prioritize the needs of the people; we are more than just positions. They don’t matter to me. And, if you believed that the NPS was necessary to obtain those posts, starting in July 2020, you would have done that.

Etnel observes that despite the positions were rejected during the speakers, the motion has not been explicit about them. She insists that soon there must be clarification. She keeps going:  A no te yu shi dat na gwe wi eh gwe, dan y’e kari un’ kon fu gi sani. Di unu ben de na tafra ini a begin, yu ben musu gi unu keba san unu ben wani.  Now unu no wan moro! Patricia Etnel holds that opinion firmly and wholeheartedly.



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