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Environmental contamination is brought up with students

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The risk of PET bottles and other plastic products is being brought up at a number of schools near the Public Green and Waste Management Directorate on Johannes Mungrastraat. This is also the reason the directorate and CIC are working on a project in the schools.

The project’s goal is to teach kids how to handle plastic bottles and cans at an early age. Jason Gummels, the deputy director of waste management, believes it’s crucial for kids to become aware of and learn about environmental contamination at a young age.

With this project, we hope to educate the public about the need of throwing PET bottles and cans in barrels rather than strewn over the ground. We also teach kids how to recycle the bottles in order to maintain a clean environment,” the man claims.

She learns through this project about the hazards of environmental contamination and how to take care of the environment. Every two weeks, CIC donates two barrels to the schools, which they must then fill with the bottles. These are special bins for recycling aluminum cans and plastic bottles.

“We will be notified as soon as the barrels are filled. Then Amazonia, a recycling business, empties the barrels.

The number of schools is five. Gummels lists the Kangaroo High (Marinus van Doornstraat), the Alberga School, the Public Industry School, the Natin on the Iduweg, and the Kangaroo Community School among other schools.

Although the scheme does produce results for Gummels, its efficacy also depends on how frequently and intensely the school administration reminds the pupils to empty the PET bottles into the designated barrels.

Gummels said that the initiative had already been implemented at the Kangaroo School and was a success. According to Gummels, we ought to have emptied the barrels at the schools in a matter of weeks.









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