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Enhancing openness by amending the National Debt Act

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Politie vond drugs tijdens actie

Hangjongeren op de hoek van de Izaak Burnetstraat en de Kwattaweg trokken de aandacht van de politie tijdens het afgelopen weekend in de nachtelijke uren. Tijdens het verwijderen van de groep stuitte ...

With 26 votes in favor and 12 against, the National Debt Act modification was approved on Friday. Rabin Parmessar, the leader of the NDP faction, stated that his organization abstained since many issues would be left unclear. A few definitions are ambiguous. Lack of law enforcement. Parmessar claimed that a number of improvements suggested by the opposition had not been taken into consideration.

Asis Gajadien, the chair of the committee of rapporteurs, said that new law is an expansion of the current one. The revisions require parastatal businesses to transmit information to the National Debt Bureau. Also, there are deadlines that must be met. Everyone will gain from the publication of these numbers. The reform has brought about transparency. The opposition is advocating for transparency, so Gajadien finds it odd that they are voting against the bill.

The amendment is welcomed by Finance & Planning Minister Stanley Raghoebarsing. He mentioned how thoroughly all interested parties had discussed the adjustments. If the law is correctly applied, everyone will gain from it. The statute has undergone significant changes that have improved the national debt’s registration. The gross public debt has previously been calculated on a monetary basis. The accrued but unpaid interest on each debt instrument up to the reporting date is now included in the debt thanks to a legislation amendment.

Also, the minister pledged to send papers to the National Assembly. Many opposition members claimed that the government did not share details on loans. The Minister’s response to the queries did not completely resolve the uncertainties.





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