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Enforcement of Order Operation Raids are conducted in a number of places

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Jongere broer vicepresident Brunswijk nu directeur EBS

Leo Brunswijk, de jongere broer van vicepresident (vp) Ronnie Brunswijk, is vanaf woensdag de nieuwe directeur van de NV Energiebedrijven Suriname (EBS). Dit is gebeurd tijdens een Algemene Vergaderin...

Unattended drugs were discovered in the Dr. Eugène Albert Gesselstraat and seized. Hosselers were also taken off the property. A suspect was detained for breaking the drug laws during raids that were conducted at post 1 in Latour at numerous buildings. Additionally, a suspect who had run the red light was detained near the Dr. Sophie Redmondstraat. A handgun with sharp ammunition was discovered on the suspect during a general search. As a result, the suspect’s home was the subject of an inquiry, during which other sharp cartridges were also discovered.

The weapon and the live ammunition have both been seized. The defendant was taken to the police station for arraignment after being taken into custody for violating the law on firearms.



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