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Energy Commission to be installed today

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Nieuwe Leden Beëdigd bij Constitutioneel Hof Suriname

Het Constitutioneel Hof (CHof) heeft op donderdag 15 februari 2024 twee nieuwe leden verwelkomd: mr. Richel Apinsa als vicevoorzitter en mr. Geetapersad Gangaram Panday als lid. De beëdiging van deze ...

The working group is finally installed to determine the correct or reasonable electricity rates. Union leader Dayanand Dwarka said that the 10 percent increase on the current – already high – electricity rates will remain in place as long as the committee is working. And within a month the new rates can be determined.

On October 3, the government had decided to set up a working group consisting of 2 representatives from the trade union movement, 2 from the business community and 2 from the government. He would analyze the energy rates within a month and make a proposal for a possible adjustment of the price. The trade union movement has nominated three persons, namely: Dwarka, Robbert Ameerali and Edmund Neus.

The Ernst & Young report, which the EBS has examined, indicated that the energy company is operating too expensively, among other things. For example, EBS buys energy that is too expensive from the Afobaka dam and from Staatsolie Power Company Suriname. Even if the company were to do business directly with certain suppliers, more millions could be saved. In addition, major irregularities have also been found in the financial household. Addressing the abuses would help bring down the price of energy tariffs.

The trade union movement insisted that the abuses be addressed before further increases were made. Based on the report, the trade union movement stated that no increases would be necessary at all. Dwarka said that they want the rates that society pays for electricity to be correct. And that they know there’s a lot of air in the price. That has to come out. They need to get rid of all that irrationality and arrive at a fair rate. If the figures are made readily available, the rate can be determined within a month. The fact is that as long as the working group is busy, the increase will be on hold.





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