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Encountering DNA for business

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Dit jaar wordt het Ied-Ul-Adha feest, oftewel het offerfeest, gevierd op zondag 16 juni. Minister Bronto Somohardjo van Binnenlandse Zaken (Biza) heeft verzekerd dat organisaties die het feest op deze...

On Tuesday, April 4, the Committee on Finance and State Spending, chaired by assemblyman Asiskumar Gajadien, invited the Suriname Business Association (VSB) as well as a number of business organizations. The gathering’s goal was to advise the business community on the initiatives the President of Suriname had stated. Also, they requested that you come up with specific plans for dealing with the current situation. However, because the President’s message had not been developed in detail, the Suriname Business Association (VSB) found it challenging to offer criticism. The government has stated time and time again that more needs to be done to improve the capacity for implementation. What is the assurance that the plans being made once more will be carried out? The aforementioned rigid and dogmatic exchange rate regulations to stop the price flight reflect a replay of a prior Currency Act that was vehemently opposed by the business community. Such a solution just serves to increase mistrust, but market forces are crucial since they increase trust and reduce corruption.

The aforementioned actions largely concentrate on raising tax revenues and gradually eliminating subsidies. Strengthening entrepreneurship and expanding exports receive little attention. The announced measures, on the other hand, are useless. Production, IT, and tourism are among the revenue-generating industries that most urgently require support in the form of enhanced legislative adoption and use of incentives to earn and/or conserve that crucial money for our nation’s sustainable development. Government should pay attention to local producers as well as global corporations.

It’s critical to rebuild trust in the policy. Synchronization of policies is one method. A number of committees create diverse ideas for enhancing the nation’s income and reducing spending. What would be done with these recommendations was a concern for the VSB. What is the assurance that a policy will be implemented structurally in accordance with, say, previous agreements with different parties and the IMF? The full impact of measures must be considered. What’s the overall effect? Where are the genuine advantages?

Also, the VSB will present DNA recovery policy recommendations that have been reviewed by other committees.





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