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Emergency rooms available for education

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The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (minOWC) will set up emergency rooms because there is a shortage of rooms to accommodate all children. Gracia Valies-Ormskirk, director of Vocational Education in conversation with the news press said that every child has the right to education and will definitely have a place.

With regard to grade 9, she indicates that most students have been placed. There are cases of children who have not yet been assigned to school. It concerns a group of students from mainly Paramaribo-South and a group that registered with the ministry yesterday. These students are still being placed, Valies-Ormskirk assures. There are 30 students per class.

The secondary schools were busy because most parents have chosen to enroll their children there instead of a school for lower vocational education (lbo). The Director of Vocational Education clarifies that even if a child is registered at a secondary school or an LBO school, the subject matter in the educational reform is the same for all these children. She emphasized that the subject matter for the lbo and mulo grade 9 and grade 10 is the same.

The ministry will ensure that other nameplates are placed at the schools. The director explained that the old nameplates cannot be removed because those schools are still in the process of being phased out. The old lower secondary and secondary schools will be phased out over time and will become secondary schools.

Valies-Ormskirk said that the ministry is still in this process. But there is a financial setback, however this issue will be sorted out very soon. Year 10 will be introduced this year, because the students of year 9 have moved on.

Due to the heat, primary schools close at 12 noon. This applies to the month of October. Valies-Ormskirk said that the ministry of education has not yet given permission for the voj and vos schools to close the schools earlier for the same reason. The community will be informed as soon as possible about a decision for the voj and vos schools.









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