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Emergency meeting regarding AZP medicine shortage

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In een Buitengewone Vergadering van De Nationale Assemblée van vrijdag 29 september 2023 heeft zijne Excellentie Chandrikapersad Santokhi naar het gestelde in de artikelen 81 en 156 lid 3 van de Grond...

There has been an urgent meeting between the general director of the AZP and the minister of health on the severe lack of consumables and medications in practically every medical department at the Academic Hospital Paramaribo (AZP).

This week and the following week, a number of consultation sessions with the various stakeholders involved are scheduled. These consultation sessions ought to result in tangible fixes for the current shortages of vital medications, medical supplies, and reagents.

The Minister, the Director of Public Health and the management of the AZP will jointly do their utmost to alleviate the need and to get out of the aforementioned critical situation. This is what the AZP says in a press release.





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