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Elections will go normally on May 25, 2025

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The National Assembly’s (DNA) chairman, Marinus Bee, recently assured a local publication that the elections scheduled for May 25, 2025, will go smoothly. The electoral system is currently being modified by the government. However, a committee from DNA has also been assembled, led by chairman Bee. Government has the last say, but the National Assembly also serves as a co-legislator. In order to guarantee that the elections will be place on May 25, 2025, regardless of what occurs, Parliament will endeavor to develop a plan B, said Bee.

At a news conference recently, President Chandrikapersad Santokhi said that preparations are being made for the elections on May 25, 2025.

Last year, the president established a national commission for the voting system, led by Mr. Hans Lim a Po. The committee is tasked with researching the Constitutional Court’s ruling. Originally scheduled for delivery in December, the thorough report on the electoral process will now be officially delivered to the head of state on January 24, 2023. The procedure leading up to the elections will be sped up, according to the head of state, and the report will need to show tangible outcomes. “At some point, there must be a proposition that is accepted by society, a law that also expresses the democratic sentiments of society, and possibly a finished good that includes some defense of our election system. In order for people to adequately prepare for the elections on May 25, 2025, this law needs to be approved this year, according to Santokhi.




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