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Economics of transition is emphasized by Ravaksur

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The Surinamese economy need change. The government’s actions, according to Armand Zunder, spokesman for the Council of Trade Union Federations in Suriname (Ravaksur), are aimed to enhance public administration rather than to revive the economy. The early discussions to reach a National Dialogue with President Chan Santokhi do not include the trade union organization C-47.

According to Zunder on Sunday, Suriname is a wealthy nation with an impoverished populace. The nation’s purchasing power is steadily declining. He thinks that the government’s initiatives ought to be directed at enhancing the economy. The nation must abandon its reliance on imports. The reform of the economy and combating the corruption that impedes economic growth have been highlighted by Zunder.

Maintaining the minimum hourly wage, in Ravaksur’s opinion, is unpopular with the working class. The minimum hourly wage will be implemented gradually, according to Labor Minister Steven Mac Andrew. The business community cannot, after all, pay the new minimum hourly rate all at once.

Moreover, Ravaksur has suggested funding social benefits, regulating the rate, and enhancing local production. According to the head of state, investments are being made in small and medium-sized businesses and agricultural output is being encouraged. He is aware that the government’s credibility needs to be rebuilt.







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