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Economic reforms must not harm the most vulnerable people

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The most vulnerable individuals and groups in our society must not suffer as a result of the economic reforms carried out under the IMF program. In an interview on June 15, Minister Raghoebarsing of Finance and Planning responded to the question of what guarantees the government could provide by stating that social support is a very significant component in the state budget: “More than SRD 16 billion, which is roughly twice the amount we spend on government salaries. People also wish to leave the social sphere and start working for themselves. The future looks bright for Suriname, particularly when considering the offshore oil and gas industry, according to the minister.

The minister has stressed the necessity of assisting people in finding employment and achieving economic independence. This can be done, among other things, by creating jobs and by offering people the chance to receive the education and training they need in order to succeed in the workforce. “We must make sure that we deliver education in a way that allows our kids to learn and get the best jobs. According to Minister Raghoebarsing, “Our children must be the first to benefit from the development in the oil and gas sector.”

The minister believes that Suriname is well on track. “We are on the right track. What we have to watch out for is that we don’t waste money if we will soon earn it from oil and gas. You can extract oil and gas from the bottom once. We must benefit from it, but we must not spend the money. Future generations must also be able to benefit sustainably from this, ”says the minister.




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