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Economic Affairs works hard to keep an eye on retail prices

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Minister Rishma Kuldipsingh of Economic Affairs (EZ) claims that significant effort is being made every day to control prices in the shops in response to the price rises in the stores. Therefore, it cannot be the case that the community keeps claiming that the ministry is ineffective. The Ministry of Economic Affairs sets the price for the basic products after receiving the invoices from the importers’ businesses. The Ministry of Economic Affairs determines the cost price. The price set by the ministry must be followed, the minister declares.

Other importers, who do not use the ministry, have the items picked up directly. They control their own pricing. Action will be taken if the profit margin is the subject of the check there. With the few resources we have, we have been performing for some time. Rearranging and repositioning everything. There will also be tough action if prices are pushed higher. People are banned, and permits are cancelled.

Kuldipsingh claims that thanks to the Suriname Business Association (VSB) and the association of importers, everyone is making good progress. The inside will also have a plan. When there are middlemen involved who also desire financial gain, things go wrong. “I fully understand that, but that will also be eliminated and the business community will help us with that. A lot of checks are being done and fines are actually being collected,” said the minister.




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