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ECD discovers infractions in Sipaliwini and Brokopondo

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The Economic Control Service (ECD) has discovered a variety of issues at stores in the Brokopondo and Sipaliwini areas, including price inflation and unclear price signs. The shop owners had to make changes right away.

There was no clear price indication provided for the items being sold. Additionally, the pre-packaged goods—which the stores pack themselves—were also not priced correctly based on weight. According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation (EZ), these products had to be removed off the shelves and weighed again.

Additionally, price increases have also been considered. Retailers are required to maintain a maximum profit margin in accordance with Decree E2A. Retailers that have seen price increases have been told by the ECD’s monitoring team to lower their prices. Shop owners were reminded that breaking the law and passing on the profit margin in a legal manner will result in punishment.

The ECD has also made clear that anyone who has applied for a license and wants to engage in business may only do so after receiving a legal license from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. A proof of application does not grant the store a license or the right to conduct business.






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