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ECD collects more than 1 million in fines

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In the period February to September 2022, the Economic Control Service (ECD) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation (EZ) collected over SRD 1,030,955 in fines from various entrepreneurs. When abuses were discovered during regular audit work fines were imposed.

This mainly concerns violations of the Economic Offenses Act. The ECD officials encountered contraband during their inspection activities at importers and retailers. In addition, agrochemicals have been found in shops and goods have been hoarded. It turned out that on many occasions the licenses of the entrepreneurs were not in order.

The ECD is regularly engaged in audit work in the various districts. Complaints submitted are carefully investigated and handled by the officials. The information of the consumers and entrepreneurs is also treated discreetly.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs information emphasizes that there will be no hesitation in taking action against price increases and other violations of the Economic Offenses Act. One of the measures against these abuses is the closure of the companies involved for a longer period of time.





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