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EBS federation board expels 5 members who want election

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The Energiebedrijven Suriname board union (EBS) has expelled five members with immediate effect. They have one month to defend themselves. The board, led by Steve Geerlings, states that the members have acted contrary to the interests of the union, the OWOS. According to the board, this cannot be tolerated.

The expelled members are: Marciano Hellings, Calvin Epril, Carlo Fernand, Miriam Liu and Reberto Schubert. The expelled members do not consider that they have acted contrary to the articles of association. Hellings said in a conversation with the press that nothing has been done to harm the OWOS. They will certainly defend themselves against the expulsion.

The members who were expelled by the board filed a lawsuit against the board members of the OWOS in July. The five members have gone to court because, according to them, the board has not held a board election since 2015. The term of office of the board is three years. According to these members, the board would act unlawfully. At a general meeting of members, Geerlings announced that he does not intend to hold a board election. There will be a board election in 2024.

The five members have gone to court because they believe that a board election should be held. There are serious questions about the management of the income and expenditure of the OWOS. According to the plaintiffs, the board refuses to disclose matters. The most recent annual accounts date from 2015. The lawsuit will be heard on 3 October. The expulsion on September 16 is experienced by the members as resentment. They don’t intend to stop there.





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