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Dredging the Suriname River is crucial for the oil and gas industry

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Michel Amafo, the director of the Maritime Authority Suriname (MAS), tells the media that the MAS will be crucial in agreements signed with foreign businesses and organizations regarding our waterway. In Suriname, 90% of the commodities are transported by water. An effective navigable waterway is necessary for the entire oil and gas development. The Suriname River is the principal canal that is now in use, according to Amafo.

The MAS will also update conference delegates on the Suriname River’s progress toward navigability, namely the river’s dredging, at the Suriname Oil & Gas Summit (SEOGS) 2023. Amafo states, “We have finished the first phase, which concerns ships with an average tonnage of 24,000 tons that may use this, and it concerns ships with a draft of 6.9 meters at spring time.

Now that they are in the second phase, ships can travel the rivers with an average load of 27,000 tons at a draft of 7.9 meters in the spring. “That is actually a huge step forward, and that is what we’re trying to achieve here.” The project is being carried out, and all relevant rules have already been put in place. In order for river users to reap the most from the project, they must now convey more freight.

“I must say that we are very well prepared and trained, we have everything in place, our people know what they are doing”. A lot of experience has also been gained with this project, according to Amofo. “If we want to develop Suriname, this is one of the most important projects of recent years, because all investments that are made depend on water transport,” says the director of the MAS.





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