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DP World Paramaribo and COSCO Shipping Lines Suriname support Mangrove project

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Last Wednesday the employees and family members of DP World Paramaribo and COSCO Shipping Lines Suriname supported the Mangrove Rehabilitation Project of Prof. Sieuwnath Naipal. The partnership between both maritime organizations was initiated because of the common sustainability policy which focuses on SDG 13 Climate Change and SDG 14 Life Below Water.

DP World Paramaribo annually initiates the “Go Green Week”, linked to the Sustainable Development Goals 13: Climate Change and 14 Life Below Water. The Go Green Week has been organized for the fourth time in a row and this year a partnership has been entered into with COSCO Shipping Lines Suriname to support the mangrove rehabilitation project, led by Mr. Prof. Sieuwnath Naipal.

The aim of this action is to combat climate change and its consequences. In support of this, several employees of both organizations and family members have volunteered to expand the mangrove plantation at Weg naar Zee.

Mangrove is important because it contributes to coastal protection, carbon sequestration, water purification and other ecosystem services they have to offer. Panting more greenery brings about beneficial changes both short and long term.

DP World Paramaribo believes in the power of collaboration and hopes that by leading more volunteers will commit themselves and further raise awareness in the community to support this great initiative.








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