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DNA members disagree with written responses from the government

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The parliamentarians disagree with the government’s written responses to inquiries made in the National Assembly. Patricia Etnel, an NPS MP, stated, “We enjoy that the government presents paper questions to parliament, but that doesn’t mean we have to take that as given. The idea that ministers will respond on paper and that the public should be content with it is not conventional. They must do so in front of the public because they have a right to do so.

Group leader of the BEP, Ronny Asabina, indicates that it will be an impossible task for the parliamentarians if the ministers answer questions in writing. The chairman of DNA, Martinus Bee, indicated that answering in writing was not his invention. The question hour will be evaluated and on the basis of the evaluation an attempt will be made to organize the matter differently. According to Bee, answering in writing should be limited. “We are not going to make it a habit that everything will be answered in writing, so we are going to make concrete agreements for that”.

Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk indicated that he also disagrees that questions remain unanswered. “That is not correct to parliament”.





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