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DNA is concerned about the escalating exchange rate

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 On Thursday, a number of Assembly members suggested re-advertising the meeting over the currency rate as soon as possible. Melvin Bouva (NDP) stated that the rate is still increasing despite the President Chan Santokhi’s measures, which were launched more than two weeks ago. For the euro, the mystical SRD 40 ceiling has been attained. Gregory Rusland, the leader of the NPS party, asserted that society is quickly aware of the rate’s level. This affects a variety of prices.

If Bouva has her way, the president will have to explain how the rate will be reduced on Friday. The Finance and State Household committee will hold another meeting on Monday, according to Assembly Chairman Marinus Bee. He’ll set Tuesday as the date for the open meeting. Bee mentioned that the government and the commission are in contact with each other about this matter.

Bee stated that a meeting on the exchange rate has been scheduled by the National Assembly. However, the government is still accountable for its own actions. The government can still take action to lower the exchange rate even though the meeting on it is being held. He urged the group to get ready for Tuesday’s exchange rate discussion.




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