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DNA cannot be destroyed by state decree, according to Belfort

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According to Assemblyman Edward Belfort (ABOP), it is utterly impossible for the president to dissolve the National Assembly on the basis of a State decision. This is indicated in an initiative proposal that Assembly members Cedric van Samson and Dew Sharman (VHP) submitted yesterday.

Belfort backed a bill introduced by the NDP parliamentary group to amend the electoral code. In an interview with the media, the Assembly member claims that nearly a year after the Constitutional Court’s decision, the government has still not produced a draft bill. During a housekeeping meeting last week, he brought up this subject. Belfort says that Assembly Chairman Marinus Bee then remarked that he can also submit an initiative law. When NDP faction leader Rabin Parmessar asked him for support, he did.

According to Belfort, it is not necessary to also change the constitution when adjusting the Electoral Regulations. In any case, it can never be the case that the president can dissolve the highest body of state, elected by the people. This decision can never reach the qualified majority of two thirds, according to the politician. The government is not the head of the parliament. On the contrary, she must be held accountable there.

According to Belfort, the VHP and the ABOP would prefer not to hold an election “because they will not return to the government”. That’s why they want to stretch the time. According to Belfort, it is planned to change the electoral regulations and the constitution in September, precisely during the recess period. However, several Assembly members have already planned their holidays and also booked tickets. Belfort says that people want to push through the laws with the French blow.





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