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Disciplinary cases against professional groups at hog

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From the different professions are disciplinary cases at the Court submitted by Justice. This concerns complaints against notaries, lawyers, judges, doctors, soldiers and bailiffs. The new Notary Disciplinary Court, which was installed on September 16, 2021, has received 26 complaints that are still being processed.

The 5 old cases that were still being handled by the court in accordance with the old law, were dealt with in the old way in the past session. In addition, 14 new disciplinary cases against lawyers have been submitted to the Lawyer Disciplinary Court, of which 2 have been settled by means of judgments and twelve are still pending and have been withdrawn. On appeal, there are currently 11 disciplinary cases against lawyers that still have to be settled and 4 cases have been settled. Seven new complaints were submitted to the medical disciplinary committee against physicians in the past session.

In total there are 13 cases that are still pending, including the 7 new ones. There were no statements during the past session. No new disciplinary cases against doctors have been filed on appeal. There are still 4 old appeal cases pending before the court. Furthermore, 20 new cases have been submitted to the Court Martial, of which 10 are completed by judgment and 63 are still pending, including cases from the previous year. On appeal, there is currently 1 case against 5 ex-servicemen. In accordance with the Bailiffs’ Decree, 6 complaints have been lodged against bailiffs, 4 of which have been settled and 2 are still being processed. Pursuant to the Court of Justice’s Code of Conduct and Complaints Procedure, 7 complaints have been lodged against judges and 6 have been resolved.



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