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Director of SWM affirms that Brownsweg’s tap water is clean

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In the Brokopondo neighborhood’s Brownsweg, a discussion about the use of cyanide and the area’s residents’ tainted drinking water took place today. Marciano Dasai, DC van Brokopondo, Ludwig Mendelzoon, NIMOS, the Medical Mission, the captain of Brownsweg, and other important participants were there in addition to the Minister of Spatial Planning & the Environment (ROM). SWM director Clifton Linga reassured attendees during the discussion that the water coming from the faucet is safe to drink.

Brownsweg’s tap water is treated surface water from the reservoir. SWM has been regularly testing the water for cyanide since May 4. Linga claims that the laboratory findings show there is no cyanide in the water. Additionally, samples of the water at Klaaskreek and Brokopondo Centrum were obtained over the weekend. These analyses show that no cyanide was discovered. According to Linga, the local water is continuously inspected.

The residents have shown the judge that the water they have been keeping in bottles is dirty and green. Following the discussion, Linga went with the group to collect samples from homes of those who had claimed to be getting contaminated tap water. As part of its own investigation into the water, NIMOS has also collected its own samples. It is not yet clear why the water that people store is given a green dye.





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