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Dijksteel: spend US$ 10,000 to raise US$ 650,000

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Advisor to the president, Stanley Dijksteel, and bandmaster Roy Brathwaite have made plans to go to the Netherlands to raise funds for the police band. Documentation showed that no permission was given for the trip at first, however President Chan Santokhi has still given the green light for this trip which cost over US$ 10,000. The government has previously announced that only very necessary missions will be undertaken.

Dijksteel asked for a response about the importance of this trip, and told the media that it concerns a collection campaign for instruments for the police band. The Kapellmeister has made a budget of US$650,000. It is hoped that the means will be collected in the Netherlands during the tattoo in Rotterdam. On 8, 9 and 10 September, discussions will be held with the participating corps, including the Air Force and the Navy. The invitation was accepted from the Dutch chief commissioner Martin Sitalsingh, chief of police for the central region who is also in charge of the national police band.

Since last year tChristmas celebrations, it has been decided to give the police band the place it deserves again. The chapel could hardly have taken part in the Christmas activities. The president then asked Dijksteel to do everything possible to improve the situation of the police band, so that it can be presented to society in a dignified manner.

Dijksteel explained that since then they have considered spending US$ 10,000 in order to obtain US$ 650,000 in material value. He said that he is project leader and contact person for the Dutch police. The trip was initially rejected after the measure was announced that business trips would be limited. In the Netherlands the preparations were well advanced. Dijksteel explained further that the delegation of five people have been reduced to two in order to reduce costs. And two people will now have to do the work of five. A benefit concert for the police band is also planned in December.

During the event in Rotterdam, almost all leaders of police caps nationwide will be present. In three days, everyone can be talked to for a good contribution to reach the amount of US$650,000. Dijksteel believed that Suriname should not let this opportunity pass by, because otherwise they will have to struggle with the dilapidated instruments of their chapel, which have been in use since 2010. The chapel plans to provide national music education to the juvenile delinquents in Grandpa Doeli. Dijksteel and Brathwaite will leave on September 6 and will be back on the 12th.






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