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Dijksteel apologizes for the Presidential Palace showing

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Bewustwordingscampagne CRPD zet zich voort op scholen

Het ministerie van Sociale Zaken en Volkshuisvesting (Sozavo) en het Kinderfonds van de Verenigde Naties (Unicef) hebben op woensdag 24 mei 2023 de bewustwordingscampagne over de Conventie voor de Rec...

Stanley Dijksteel, the president’s advisor, is investigating what transpired at the presidential residence on Saturday night. On the terrace of the palace, staff members and visitors demonstrated their dancing prowess as the Heineken celebration continued in Independence Square. The “celebrators'” actions were caught on camera and are now going viral. The performance, which mistreated the palace, was not well received by the general public.

Dijksteel was in the palace with a few staff members, and they requested permission to view the feast from the balcony.. “I told them to watch the entire movie in peace at that point. I also requested my wife to come up, who was waiting downstairs for me. Some staff members did, however, go outside the rules. Additionally, outsiders are permitted entry to the palace “Dijksteel stated to the press.

Dijksteel has been requested to compile a report on the incident by President Chan Santokhi. “The events in the palace are unrelated to either the First Lady or the President. Social media posts mentioning them by name include fake information.”

The people in attendance are aware that they broke the rules, which has hurt the Presidential Palace’s reputation.There will be repercussions for those present, declares Dijksteel. The president will receive his report.






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