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Digicel will continue to back the mangrove project

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On Sunday, 300 mangrove seedlings were planted in Weg naar Zee by 45 Digicel Suriname employees. They have aided in creating a natural defense against the sea’s waves and halting coastal erosion. The Building with Nature project, started by Professor Sieuwnath Naipal, will continue under Digicel. The business aspires to have a long-lasting impact.

Up to 27 meters of land might be lost in one year due to erosion and flooding in the Road to the Sea area. Mangrove is essential because it filters seawater and protects the coastline by trapping silt. Additionally, it serves as a fish spawning habitat for all species of fish that we eat.

After having a motivating conversation with Professor Naipal about the unique job he does and the difficulties it presents, Digicel staff decided to take part in the Building with Nature project. “The endeavor has been an eye-opening experience for us. We have begun to view our obligation to safeguard our shoreline and all of the fauna that lives there with new eyes. Building Nature affects not only the local residents and workers, but also the entire country of Suriname, as a big portion of our food is produced in mangrove wetlands “the CEO of Digicel Suriname, Deonarine Gopaul, explains.

As part of its site orientation on Sunday, Digicel assisted with planting “However, it is hoped that by facilitating the data gathering required to evaluate sea level, water quality, salinity, and oxygen content, we will make a more lasting impact. All of these variables are significant for the local community and the fishery. When the waves reach a crucial height, warnings can be given using the gathered data “Gopaul explains.

“If our coast is not protected, we all have a problem. Everything in nature is interconnected. The loss of the mangrove will result in significant CO2 emissions and all the negative effects that has. Mangroves are a literal treasure box that, if we don’t do something, could sink to the bottom of the ocean. Therefore, it is crucial that the business sector speaks out to convince the government to give this priority, according to Naipal.








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