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Despite having been independent for 47 years, Suriname is still not united

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The country of Suriname is still not united. There are still differences. Harrit Ramdien, a VHP assembly member, says she will keep bringing up nation building. She is unsure of when we shall unite as one country. “We must be Surinamese; we must be one people.”

Ramdien claims that despite how frequently we talk about togetherness, we are not doing enough to achieve it. The nation is lacking in unity. Not everyone is totally dedicated to helping to strengthen the country. Ramdien exclaims, “Dya mi de tan,” with pride. While traveling overseas for job or school is beneficial, don’t overlook Suriname. “We must all work together to construct our nation.”

The necessity for nation-building education in society is greater. In order to fix what is broken, everyone must be involved. Ramdien claims that attitudes toward 47 years of independence are ambivalent. It is time to assess our nation’s 47 years of political independence fairly. We must consider what can be done much more effectively and how things can be done otherwise.

“On an administrative level, we are self-sufficient, but fiscally and monetarily, we are not there yet. The government still has a lot of work to do before we can be said to be economically and financially stable, according to Ramdien.





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